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WhiteWater World Theme Park Gold Coast Australia

WhiteWater World Theme Park Gold Coast Australia 

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Gold Coast, Australia
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WhiteWater World Theme Park Gold Coast Australia

WhiteWater World Theme Park, on the Gold Coast, delivers thrills for all ages. Woof it up on the hottest water rides on the planet. WhiteWater World Theme Park has four of the "world's best" water slides. Plus, there's something for the whole family with Nickelodeon's Pipeline Plunge and the toddler playground, Wiggle Bay. WhiteWater World is brought to you by Dreamworld expect an action packed day!

Get ready for the ultimate rush at located next door to Dreamworld!

Splash and play at Wiggle Bay, get your fix at Nick at Nickelodeon's Pipeline Plunge and experience Australia's first water-based rollercoaster ride. WhiteWater World mixes adrenaline pumping thrills with family fun in the ultimate Aussie beach paradise.

The Bro: Get stung by the world's first and only eight-lane racer, as WhiteWater World pays homage to the fiery Blue Ringed Octopus, found along the coast of Australia and packed with enough venom to paralyze ten men!

The Green Room:  Usually, only a select few get to enter The Green Room - the deepest, most awe inspiring part of a wave. But now WhiteWater World takes you to the center of every surfer's universe, inside the tube and into The Green Room.

The Rip: It's a man made version of Mother Nature's worst, get caught in The Rip and get swept down the nation's biggest gurgler.

The Temple of Huey: For maximum thrills, The Temple of Huey is intertwined between the tracks of Dreamworld's Cyclone Roller coaster and offers triple the temptation and three times the thrills on an inner tube ride packed back-to-back with serpentine curves and screaming 360s.

Cave of the Waves: It's the perfect place for families to kick back on the beach or float in clear tubes under the watchful eye of lifeguards and high tech, underwater cameras while Huey throws out his very best.

Nickelodeon Pipeline Plunge: Nickelodeon Pipeline Plunge is boasting over 100 interactive water activities. Nick Heads can climb in and out of the structures, run wild, play with water sprays, geysers and cannons, or just chill out under the massive Pipeline bucket.

Wiggle Bay: Completely supervised and separated from the WhiteWater World elements, Wiggle Bay is a haven for parents and young children to relax and spend quality time. Get ready for a wet and wiggly world of fun in a mini water park designed for the under fives.

Super Tubes Hydrocoaster: This intense rollercoaster on water, complete with exhilarating drops and terrifying turns, propelling riders up the steepest of inclines at the highest speeds.

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